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  • 10 Power Tools That Could Kill You

    The tools on the list won’t surprise you, though a couple might give you pause as you try to imagine how they’d off you.

  • New 12V Tools From Makita

    Makita recently launched their new 12V tool line, called the 12V max CXT. Here’s a look at 8 of the tools first to hit the market.

  • New Nut Drivers From Klein

    As a tool category, nut drivers may not be burning with innovation, but Klein has set a new standard with some very cool features.

  • The Stepladder Gets a Redesign

     Werner Podium Ladders feature a broad platform and waist-high guard rail in a variety of sizes and capacities.

  • A Cordless Planer From DeWalt

    DeWalt has a new cordless power planer on the market. Here's a first look.

  • Angle Grinder Recall

    If you own this angle grinder, stop using it immediately.

  • Do You Work in One of the Deadliest Jobs in America?

    More than 13 Americans die from work-related injuries each day. It might sound like the odds are in your favor, but that all depends on what trade you're in.

  • He Was "That" Guy

    Master woodworker Paul Martin learned what it's like to be the guy who trips the SawStop. Here's his humble story.


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