Source: TOOLS OF THE TRADE Magazine
Publication date: May 15, 2012

By Michael Springer

Last fall I went to Switzerland to visit the plants where Bosch produces jigsaws, sanders, and a host of accessories. Some of the tools I saw there have yet to be released so this will be your first opportunity to see them.

I began my tour at the Scintilla AG Plant in Solothurn. Scintilla was the original owner of the factory site and they produced the world's first jigsaw (the Lesto model) there in the late 1940s. Bosch acquired Scintilla and has been known for its jigsaws ever since.


An early Scintilla jigsaw

Two New Jigsaws
The most interesting tools I saw on the production line at the Scintilla plant were two new corded jigsaws. The saws share new features such as a double-roller blade guide for increased support and dual switchable LEDs, making these Bosch's first jigsaws with headlights. The saws also have improved tool-free blade clamping levers that are claimed to hold blades with no play. In the U.S., the top handle saw will be the JS572EL and the barrel-grip saw the JS572EBL.

These tools are not yet available in the North American market but you can find them on the Bosch website - here's the top handle model and here's the barrel-grip.


The JS572EBL (left) and JS572EL (right) are expected to be released sometime this summer.

First Sighting
While watching saws and sanders being assembled at the Scintilla plant I noticed a tool I had not seen before – the MX30E Multi-X – an oscillating multi tool with a tool free blade attaching mechanism.


A lever on the side of the MX30E Multi-X allows for tool-free blade changing.

This product has since been released in the U.S. and I am testing one for an upcoming article in this magazine. In addition to the novel blade changing lever, the tool has a pivoting ball cord anchor that a Bosch rep said would be instituted in new tool designs wherever space allows.



Michael Springer has worked as a high-end remodeling contractor and is the former Executive Editor of Tools of the Trade.

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