Fall Protection


Hy-Safe Technology

The Roofer's Kit from Hy-Safe Technology provides complete fall protection compliance for roofers and others working on top of residential housing. It includes an adjustable full-body harness, a shock-absorbing lanyard, 50-foot rope lifeline, rope grab, reusable roof anchor, and a carry bar or bucket for transport from one jobsite to another. Cost: Unavailable. 800-642-0775.

High-Visibility Wear



The GloWear line of high-visibility apparel from Ergodyne is designed to provide comfort and style in addition to safety/visibility in order to encourage workers to wear them. The line includes Class 3, Class 2, and non-certified classifications in a variety of styles. They feature ANSI-, EN-, or CSA-certified background materials and 3M Scotchlite reflective tape, and they are durable and washable. Cost: $3–$43. 800-225-8238.

Safety Glasses



The DeWalt/Radians Pro Series DPG56 Ventilator protective eyewear line features full wraparound styling for comfort and protection. The glasses feature rubber-tipped temples with belt ribs to keep them in place; a soft, non-slip rubber nosepiece; and durable, distortion-free polycarbonate lenses that are impact-resistant and provide 99.9 percent UV protection. Lenses come in clear, smoke, blue mirror, or indoor/outdoor. Cost: $14. 877-723-4267




Irwin has introduced a line of kneepads. I-Gel kneepads (shown) feature an imbedded gel insert that provides impact resistance, non-marring caps that won't damage surfaces, a perforated, breathable neoprene material, and a one-strap design. All-Terrain kneepads feature a wide body cap for better stability on all types of surfaces, a foam cushion to absorb shock, breathable perforated neoprene material, and a two-strap design. Finally, Swivel-Flex kneepads have a compact convex design for better pivoting and more maneuverability, flexible materials for better fit and comfort, and a front strapping system. Cost: $18–$34. 800-464-7946.

Kneeler Board


Bon Tool Co.

New from Bon Tool Co., the Contoured Kneeler Board features foam polyurethane molded to fit the shape of kneeling knees, therefore providing more even weight distribution and relief for the knees and joints. The pad is set on a waterproof, heavy-gauge, polyethylene tray. The kneeler board is washable and measures 24 inches by 14 inches. Cost: $57. 724-443-7080.

Roof Safety



The Flexastep series of roof safety products from Marbilt features four slide guard models, two platform stands, one five-step ladder, and a ladder locking system. They can be used on various roof pitches to create a safe work surface, with attachments available to hold tools and materials. They are easy to install and remove, the firm says, and the platforms have a slip-resistant surface. Cost: Unavailable. 800-267-3807.

Fall Protection


Miller Fall Protection

Miller Fall Protection's Falcon Self-Retracting Lifeline is designed for durability in rugged environments and exceeded a series of durability performance tests, including being run over by a utility van, dropped from 20 feet, and hit with a hammer, the maker says. In addition, it is the lightest retractable lifeline available, the company says. It comes in 20-, 30-, 50-. and 65-foot models in galvanized wire and stainless steel wire rope. Cost: Unavailable. 800-873-5242.

Cold-Weather Gloves



The 2.9 glove provides extra insulation from the cold without sacrificing handling or grip, says the maker, Mechanix. The gloves feature Taslan nylon on the outer shell for wind protection, Neoprene knuckle and thumb panels for warmth and flexibility, a 3M Thinsulate middle lining, and a fleece interior. The gloves have a durable synthetic leather palm for a firm grip. Cost: $29. 800-222-4296.

Heavy-Duty Gloves



Designed for heavy-duty outdoor use, Ironclad's Ranchworx gloves are washable, durable, flexible, and breathable, the maker says. The gloves feature genuine Bullwhip leather that is washable and breathable, the Combo Cuff with hidden Velcro for a desired fit, flexible and vented protection over the knuckles and fingers, a DuPont Kevlar–reinforced thumb and saddle, rugged finger sidewalls, and double-leather Rolltop fingertips. Also included is a terry cloth sweat wipe. Cost: $40. 888-314-3197.

Welding Gloves


Perfect Fit Glove

Designed for welders and those working in electrical and petrochemical environments, Carbtex gloves from Perfect Fit Glove feature a new fiber material that offers thermal, abrasion, and cut protection. In addition, the maker says, the gloves offer more dexterity than traditional leather welding gloves, and are cooler in hot environments and warmer in colder climates. A range of configurations is available for various jobs. Cost: Unavailable. 800-245-6837.

All-Season Gloves



Designed for breathability, protection, and tactility, All-Season Performance Work Gloves from Gorgonz protect hands without being cumbersome. High-ventilation mesh and vented neoprene allow maximum airflow across the back of the hand to keep it cooler and drier, the maker says, and a wraparound index-finger design along with vented neoprene knuckles and Toughtek synthetic leather palms provide protection. Five styles are available. Cost: $12–$30. 877-725-4386.



Empire Level

True Blue levels from Empire Level have True Blue vials, which feature dark bands on the ends to enhance bubble visibility. The vials work in conjunction with the Empire Viewing System, colored funnel-shaped high-contrast bezels that frame the vials to focus the user's vision to the vial while increasing light into the cavity, the maker says. The vials' Advanced Concentric Molding manufacturing process ensures accuracy. Other features include dual compound grips, shock-absorbing ends, and machined work surfaces for durability. Cost: $35–$40. 800-558-0722.



Ready Products

Ready Products' Retract-A-Bit screwdriver features a self-storing bit system that allows bits to be changed with the push of a button: Depress the locking collar, retract the bit into the handle, then slide the button of the desired bit into place. The tool includes two Phillips-head, two slotted-head, and two square-head bits. The locking collar holds the in-use bit securely. Cost: $15. 513-984-9230.

Dust Barrier



ZipWall has introduced the next generation of its dust barrier system, which allows users to easily create an airtight dust barrier using spring-loaded poles that stretch and secure plastic sheeting, a tarp, or drop cloth from floor to ceiling. The new ZipWall SLP incorporates a spring-loaded plunger directly into the pole, eliminating the need for the user to attach it to the pole and thereby simplifying the installation process. Cost: $110 (set of two). 800-718-2255.

Ladder Tray


Kintz Mercantile Products

New from Kintz Mercantile Products, the Flip Tray provides a place for up to 40 pounds of tools and supplies at the top of a stepladder. The unit attaches easily to the top of virtually any stepladder with universal mounting clips and flips open and closed for ease of use. The tray includes grooves to hold electrical cords, grooves for light tubes, slots to secure a paint roller tray, and a textured bottom to stabilize materials such as a paint can. Cost: $20–$25. 800-909-4453.

Work Light


Bull Dog Power Products

Bull Dog Power Products' model S10171 floor light features a 25-foot power cord and reel. The 16-gauge heavy-duty extension cord has a separate plug and can be reeled in and out without twisting. The 500-watt halogen light lights up to 5,000 square feet. The unit has a tubular steel frame and a sled base that allow for easy positioning, the company says. Cost: About $67. 877-992-7637.