If you're in one of these trades, then your job is worse than working in a sewage treatment plant.

That's not my opinion; it's what CareerCast.com said in their annual Jobs Rated Report. The ratings are based on income, work environment, stress, and hiring outlook. The list below is a selection of jobs from the 2013 report followed by my description of that trade. The top rated trade is #1; the bottom #200. Sewage Treatment Plant Operator is #87. These are the top 200 jobs. Evidently, there is something worse than being a reporter.

1. Actuary: the person who tells the insurance company to raise your premiums.

11. Chiropractor: the person you pay to keep you going on the jobsite and who you argue about with the insurance company (see #1).

32. Civil Engineer: the person who gives you the bad news about that wall you want to remove.

38. Psychiatrist: see #61, #63, #94 and #200.

52. Bricklayer: one of many trades that keeps #11 in business.

60. Technical Writer: the person who wrote the installation instructions that no one can understand.

61. Architect: the person who makes you need to talk to #38.

63. OSHA Inspector: another person who makes you need to talk to #38.

66. Plumber: the inspiration for Duluth Trading Company's long tail t-shirt

76. Electrician: the one guy on the job who never seems to get dirty.

87. Sewage Plant Operator: the person whose job is better than yours if it's listed below.

94. Building Inspector:  another reason to talk to #38 and visit #150.

96. Emergency Medical Technician: someone you don't want to meet on the jobsite.

101. Construction Foreman: makes life miserable for #171

112. Forklift Operator: the reason the left side of your truck's bumper is lower than the right

118. Iron Worker: one of the guys having lunch on the I- beam in that cool photo from the 1930's

147. Carpenter: my former trade and a far better job than #200

150. Bartender: the person you talk to about #61, #63, and #94 when you can't afford #38.

160. Garbage Collector: the guy who laughs when he thinks how much better his job is than #200's.

171. Construction Laborer: keeps #11 in business and is one of the reasons #101 has to visit #38 or #150.

174. Painter: the inspiration for the phrase "don't worry, the painter will fix it."

192. Roofer: the guy who keeps #11 and #96 in business.

200. Reporter: a job description that sounds uncomfortably close to my own. People who choose this career must spend a lot of time with #38 and #150.