Those announcements you see in the business section of the local paper – you know, the ones with a picture of some guy in a suit grinning like a fool because he was appointed vice regional something or other – well, this is nothing like that.

This has to do with the hiring of Clayton DeKorne (CDK) to be the Executive Editor of JLC, our sister publication and the premier technical journal for contractors who do residential and light commercial work. And why should that matter to you? I can think of two reasons:

1) If you’re into tools and construction then you have read JLC, because there’s simply no other place to get that information (sorry FHB).

2) Clayton was the founding editor of Tools of the Trade. That’s right – he’s guy who started this whole thing. I’d post a link to the original issue, but it was before we had a website. It was before anyone had a website.

I admit to being biased about this development. When I was a carpenter I read Clayton’s tool reviews in JLC.  And Clayton was my boss the first time I worked for Tools of the Trade (he left when the magazine changed hands). You can see the official announcement of his hiring in this press release, which oddly enough fails to mention the most important thing about Clayton – that he used to be a framer. I encourage you to keep an eye on what he’s up to at JLC.

And by the way, if you remember the old days when everything on the JLC site (except the forums) was behind a pay wall – those days are over. I can’t remember the exact time period, but anything that has been up for more than 12 or 18 months is available for free. Check it out.