It's hard to look at the construction photos of this wooden Quonset hut without wishing I had the time and space to build one too.

The photos are posted on the forum at The first page will give you a sense of how the builder fabricated curved arches; the second has more of the details. I have no idea how (or if) he got a permit for it; all I know is that I would kill to have such a large and cool-looking shop.

I went online to see if there was any precedent for building a wooden Quonset hut (there is) and ran across a site devoted to Quonset huts. It contains a lot of good photos and information I didn't know – such as, that Quonset huts are derived from the WW1 era Nissen hut, and that the Nissen hut is loosely based on the Iroquois long house. If any of you have (or know of) a cool or unusual shop I'd love to hear about it (you can reach me at

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