Clayton DeKorne

Clayton DeKorne

Clayton DeKorne is the Editor of THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION. He was the founding editor of TOOLS OF THE TRADE (1993) and COASTAL CONTRACTOR (2004), and the founding educational director for JLC Live (1995).

Clayton DeKorne's Posts

Decreasing Tool Vibration Decreasing Tool Vibration

Tool vibration can contribute to arthritis, tendonitis, and loss of grip, but U.S. workers now benefit from better EU vibration-control standards. Read more

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Battling Concrete Dust Battling Concrete Dust

In the battle against dust on the jobsite, the enemy is silica—airborne crystalline silica dust, that is. Rules are likely coming, but some toolmakers already have answers. Read more

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Choosing Tough Tech Choosing Tough Tech

In the world of cellphone marketing, “durable” sometimes just means a device that can survive a beach party. But a few companies have gotten wise to the real-world demands of people who work for a living. Read more

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Hitachi Acquires Metabo Hitachi Acquires Metabo

If Hitachi is the Toyota or Honda of power tools, Metabo is the BMW. Now the companies are joining forces. Read more

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Preparing for Winter Preparing for Winter

Believe it or not, cold-weather will be upon us soon enough. Make sure you're prepared. Read more

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