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Greg Burnet is a regular JLC contributor and co-owner of Toolbelt Productions.

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Modular Tool Organizers Modular Tool Organizers

Modular organizers share the same footprint and can be stacked and latched together for storage and transport. Read more

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Tools Up Close: Makita LXSL01 Cordless Miter Saw Tools Up Close: Makita LXSL01 Cordless Miter Saw

Over the past decade or so, a revolution of sorts has been occurring within the cordless tool industry. Thanks to improved motor and battery technology, power-hungry tools that were once available only as 110-volt corded models are being offered without cords. The list is long and includes rotary hammers, impact wrenches, angle grinders, and more. Read more

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Tool Test: Combination Lasers Tool Test: Combination Lasers

My first encounter with construction lasers was 20-plus years ago on a commercial job site, where a subcontractor was using a rotary laser to level the track for a suspended ceiling. The tool obviously saved a lot of time, and even though it could only shoot level, I was jealous that my company couldn't afford the $3,000 it cost to buy one. Since that time, lasers have fallen greatly in price and become much more versatile. I now own several and can't imagine trying to compete without them. Read more

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Porter-Cable 371 Compact Belt Sander Porter-Cable 371 Compact Belt Sander

There are few things more satisfying than scribing a piece of trim and having it fit perfectly on the first try. Porter-Cable's 371 belt sander should make such precision scribing a lot easier. Read more

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Tool Tests

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Makita Rear-Handle Cordless Circular Saw

On the West Coast, rear-handle worm drives rule. Does this cordless version with a...

Tool Test: Hitachi Triple Hammer Impact Driver

Did adding a third anvil increase driving speed, beats per minute, and torque, all...

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