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DeWalt Dual-Speed Cordless Framing Nailer DeWalt Dual-Speed Cordless Framing Nailer

This battery-powered tool is more convenient than a gas-powered or pneumatic gun. Read more

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First Test: Protective Hammer Caps First Test: Protective Hammer Caps

Prefinished siding and trim – whether fiber-cement, plastic, or wood – are becoming more popular. Factory-applied finishes are hard to beat, and it's great not to have to schedule another sub or deal with weather-related painting delays. For the best look, matching color-coated nails should be used, and care must be taken to protect both the heads of these nails and the adjacent material surface. We found polyurethane Protect-O-Cap hammer caps at the request of one of our testers and gave him some to test. Here are his results. Read more

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Tool Test: Circ Saws Tool Test: Circ Saws

Here in the Eastern half of the country, sidewinder circ saws are the workhorse tools of most construction jobs. We do our framing with them, and unlike our Western cousins with their wormdrive saws, we use our sidewinders for everything from form work to trim. As a result, during the past 30 years of building, I've probably run more kilowatts through circular saws than through all my other power tools combined. Read more

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Tool Tests

Ridgid Mobile Miter Saw Stand

Carpenter Brian Way gave the gravity-rise miter-saw stand from Ridgid a hard look....

Two Work Jackets Reviewed

Contributing editor Tim Uhler torments the Grundens Neptune and Helly Hansen's...

Sawzall Vs. Flexvolt

How do the Milwaukee and DeWalt reciprocating saws match up?

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