–By Tools of the Trade Editors

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Time and trouble–if only contractors and crews could find good ways to deal with these make-or-break culprits on every jobsite. When you think about it, the best jobsite solutions save us time and keep us out of trouble every day. The worst ones just make things worse.


That's why the tools, accessories, technologies, and construction equipment that help you work faster and safer while improving your quality and productivity, and your bottom line, succeed. It's also why we chose this year's Editors' Choice Award winners.

Even with the slowdown in the construction industry, tool companies continue to generate new products at a record pace, expanding the universe of choices for tool buyers in every price range and market. These include jobsite solutions that go beyond traditional tools, bringing new technologies and capabilities into play. And every year we scan this incredible universe for the best of the best to honor as Editors' Choice Awardees.

This broad range of 13 winners stands out among the year's best products because they deliver innovative solutions to typical situations and successfully combine design and performance to meet the needs of their professional users...and yes, because they'll help you save time and avoid trouble.

–The Editors