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  • Incredible Tricked Out Tool Cart

    To avoid running back and forth to the truck for missing items, I outfitted a rolling cart to carry everything needed to do the job.

  • A Trip to the Hole Saw Factory

    During their recent 100th anniversary event Lenox held an “open house” its factory in Western Massachusetts. Here’s your chance to see how hole saws are made.

  • DCT419 Wall Scanner

    This affordable and easy-to-use scanner can locate and identify items hidden behind the surface of a wall.

  • Useful Apps: YouNote

    Create notes in multiple formats, email them, and tag them with a geolocation.

  • Useful Apps: Woodshop Widget

    Compare wood species, calculate board feet, and determine how wood will move in response to the weather.

  • Useful Apps: My Measures and Dimensions Pro

    Use your smart device to create dimensioned photos that can be emailed, printed, or stored for later use.

  • Useful Apps: Fraction Plus

    This simple to use app is a convenient way to add fractions and convert to decimal equivalents.

  • A Tricked Out Miter Saw Cart

    Five wheels and a half-sheet of plywood are all it took to build this ingenious mobile base.

  • Thingamejig Scribing Tool

    The Thingamejig is a precision scribing tool invented by an Australian cabinet maker who installs millwork and cabinetry.

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