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Dave Frane

David Frane is the Editor of Tools of the Trade. You can reach him at

David's Latest Articles

  • An Amazing Portable Woodshop

    This 14-foot cargo trailer is as organized as the cabin of a boat and contains more tools and supplies than most people could reasonably...

  • A Trip to the Work Boot Factory

    Parts come in and finished boots go out at Keen’s plant in Portland, Oregon. What happens in between is fascinating.

  • A Table Saw Tune Up

    Alain Vaillancourt gets serious about rehabbing his cabinet saw

  • New Tech Japanese Timber Framing

    In a surprising mix of old and new, computer-controlled machines cut house parts that will be assembled onsite by tobi-clad carpenters in...

  • Wera Tool-Check Plus Kit

    This bit and socket set is like a pocket-size toolbox filled with tools.

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