Tim Uhler is a lead carpenter for Pioneer Builders in Port Orchard, Washington. His father started building in the late 70's so Tim grew up pounding nails. "I would ride around to different jobs with my dad and nail together any two blocks of wood I could find". He spent summer breaks on the jobsite. After high school Tim studied accounting at the local community college and received an Associate's degree, but decided to leave the office work to his dad and brother and focus on construction. While trying to learn more about building he stumbled across the JLC forum – where he met and learned from some of the most experienced framers in the country. He eventually began to write for JLC and Tools of the Trade. At last count he had written more than 40 articles and tool reviews. Tim regularly contributes to the forums at JLC and Contractor talk, and posts video on his YouTube channel – Raftercutter. An avid photographer, he spends his spare photographing the Pacific Northwest.


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