Victor Rasilla is a general contractor in the San Francisco Bay area. He grew up outside of Los Angeles and began his career with a four-year apprenticeship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, working primarily on large scale commercial and industrial projects. In the mid 1990’s he moved north to the San Francisco area and became a project manager for a company that renovated apartment buildings and historic structures. After passing the test to become a licensed contractor Victor became a supervisor for a high-end residential construction and remodeling company. In 2008 he left that job and started his own company, VRGC, which specializes in multi-family and light commercial renovation projects. He has reviewed tools and written articles for JLC and Tools of the Trade. Having entered the trades as a carpenter, Victor is at heart a woodworker. When he’s not running the business, hanging out with his wife and kids, or pouring over tool catalogs – he’s out in the shop doing woodworking projects.


Victor's Latest Articles

  • Contractor's Low-Voltage Kit

    There are certain tools I use for low voltage wiring (telephones, doorbells, intercoms, speakers, and basic home networking). I keep them together in a single bag.

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