We tested three classes of electric breakers, but found only two winners.


The front handle position of the small DeWalt breaker is adjustable along the entire length of its housing. This lets you find a comfortable position for vertical or horizontal work.

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Lightweight Breakers. The DeWalt D25941K was our clear favorite, mostly because of its superior power. We also liked the Wacker EH9BLM because of its balance and general feel, although it did not break quite as fast. The Milwaukee 5339-21 was a close third, and the Hilti TE905-AVR followed because it was underpowered and had an unpleasant, high-pitched sound. For overall versatility, builders and small contractors should look to this class of tool.

Medium-Weight Breakers. If we had to pick a tool in this class, it would be the Makita HM1304B because of its good power and easy-to-use features. The Bosch 11335K JACK came in a close second, and the Hitachi H65SD2 was dead last–among all lightweight and medium-weight breakers–because of its lack of power.

Heavy Breakers. This choice was difficult. We really enjoyed the superior vibration control of the Makita HM1810X3 and Wacker EH27 Low Vib machines, but also liked the slight power edge of the DeWalt D25980K. However, we judged the Makita as the best, with the DeWalt and Wacker breakers tied for a close second. The Bosch 11304K Brute was a solid third, and the Hitachi H90SEKIT4 came in last. This heavy tool is still a decent breaker, just lacking in some of the features of the others.

Overall, if we had to get one tool for its versatility and excellent performance for a variety of uses, it would be the DeWalt D25941K. And if we needed to bust through heavier breaking jobs underfoot, we would choose the power and comfort of the Makita HM1810X3.


DeWalt's cart is the best. The tool and steel won't fall off even when laying down in a truck, and its flat tongue lets it haul other things onsite.

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Bill Palmer is the former editor in chief of Concrete Construction magazine, and Paul Newman is a former general contractor. They now operate Complete Construction Consultants in Lyons, Colo.

Thanks to DRILTEC for supplying the moil points and chisels used in this test.

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