Early this year, at The World of Concrete, I got my first good look at the BSA 14.4-18 LED Site Light. I’d seen it before online and briefly at another show but this was my first opportunity to handle the thing and hear more about it (video below). Metabo’s light has a conventional form factor, and if it weren’t for the battery you might at first mistake it for a corded halogen work light—albeit, one with a nicer than average frame. The frame can be placed on floors and other flat surfaces or mounted on top of a tripod. Capable of pivoting 180 degrees up or down, the light module is held in position by a very slick cam lock.

The unit contains multiple LEDS and can be powered by any of Metabo’s 14.4- and 18-volt slide-mount lithium-ion battery packs. It has high and low settings and is said by its maker to provide up to seven hours of illumination per charge with 5.2 Ah batteries and up to 4 hours with the more common 3.0 Ah packs. Either way, there would be plenty of time to charge a spare. In the high setting the unit puts out 1,800 lumens of light and minimal heat. By way of comparison, a 500-watt halogen produces 8,000 lumens and enough heat to cook your lunch. A 100-watt incandescent puts out 1,600 lumens and enough heat to keep your lunch warm after the halogen cooked it.

And now for the backstory: When Metabo was developing this light they thought it might be used as a promotional item because they weren’t sure there’d be a market for it. They took a few Site Lights to the nearby Porsche factory in Stuttgart, Germany. Porsche put them to work in the paint room and found that the quality of the light (it’s very white) was better for finding flaws in the paint than what they’d been using before, and that with no cords or unwanted heat they were easier to deal with . Metabo ended up selling a bunch of these lights to Porsche.

The BSA 14.4-19 LED Site Light is sold bare. It’s made in Taiwan and is available online for around $150.