The area light has a handle, pivoting LED light bar, and a place to put an 18- or 20-volt max DeWalt battery.
The DCL060 being run on battery power.
This DCL061 has a battery installed but is being run on AC power. The orange cord provides power to the light and to the recip saw that is plugged into it.

DeWalt announced two new LED work lights, the DCL060 (DC only) and DCL061 (AC / DC) LED. The area lights are designed to take the place of the clamp lights and halogens frequently used by contractors. Both can be powered by DeWalt tool batteries, though with the DCL061 there is also the option to run on AC power and plug a corded tool into a receptacle on the side. But for the AC connections on the DCL061 the lights are outwardly the same: each has a carry handle, a swiveling LED light bar, and a place to connect an 18-volt (stem style/ or 20-volt Max (slide style/ battery pack.

According the DeWalt the lights put out 1500 lumens of light with few shadows while producing far less heat than halogen and incandescent bulbs—and run for up to 2.5 hours with the company’s 4.0 Ah batteries. To put the light output into perspective, a 500-watt halogen produces 8,000 lumens and a 100-watt incandescent 1,600 lumens. And based on the runtime claimed for Metabo’s and Festool’s LED work lights, 2.5 hours on a 4.0 Ah battery sounds about right.

Sold bare, the DCL060 and DCL061 will sell for $99 and $119 respectively, and hit store shelves in July of this year.