The model 2707 tool has a 1/2-inch all metal chuck.
The M18 FUEL models drill as quickly as corded Hole Hawgs but are lighter and easier to use—especially overhead. Both cordless Hole Hawgs are rated for auger bits up to 1-1/4" and self-feeding bits up to 2".
The model 2708 tool has a QUIK LOK connector that allows for keyless one-handed bit changes. The chuck is compatible with 7/16” Hex flat or groove shank bits.
The kit version (2707-22) includes a tool, two 4.0 Ah XC batteries, an M18/M12 Multi-voltage charger, and a contractor bag. It is also available for the QUIK LOK version of the tool (2708-22). Either tool can be purchased bare.

Every August Milwaukee holds a media event where it announces the new tools it plans to introduce in the coming year. One of the stars of this year’s event was the M18 FUEL Hole Hawg, a brushless right-angle drill intended to replace the corded drills electricians currently use while roughing in wire.

I’ve been wondering when someone would introduce a right angle cordless drill capable of drilling a significant number of large holes per charge. To my mind, being able to do rough-in work without a cord is one of the final frontiers in cordless. Once we have that all we will need are some cordless table saws and a cordless Super Hawg capable of making the giant holes used by plumbers. So what can the M18 Hole Hawg do? According to Milwaukee it can drill up to 150 7/8-inch holes per charge in 2-by material, so an electrician with two 4.0 Ah batteries could drill all the holes required to wire a 2,500 square foot house without recharging. If the company is correct in that assertion, then another frontier has been breached.

Two other things stand out about the M18 Hole Hawg—its weight and speed. At 9.0 pounds (w. battery) the 1/2-inch chuck model is 2.5 pounds lighter than either of the two corded Hole Hawgs currently available. That’s a significant difference and should make the tool easier to use, especially overhead. The new cordless drill goes 0-1,200 rpm so it’s faster than the model 1670-1 corded Hole Hawg (900 rpm) and has the same top speed as the model 1675-6 (300/1,200 rpm). The power and speed of the new Milwaukee drill can be seen in the demonstration portion of the video below—which Coptool shot at the summer media event.

The M18 FUEL Hole Hawg will be available with a 1/2-inch chuck (2707) or QUIK LOK connector (2708) that allows for keyless one-handed bit changes. Sold bare and in two-battery kits it will be released in the fall of 2014. Pricing information is not yet available.

M18 Fuel Hole Hawg (2707 and 2708) Specs:
Bit interface: 1/2-inch metal chuck (2707); QUIK LOK (2708)
Voltage: 18 volts
LED light: yes
Length: 17”
Weight w. XC battery: 9.0 lbs. (2707); 8.5 lbs. (2808)
Speed: 0-1,200 rpm
Capacity in wood: augers up to 1-1/4”; self-feed bits up to 2”
Warranty: 5 years tool; 3 years battery
Kit version (2707-22; 2708-22) includes: tool, two 4.0 Ah XC batteries; M18/M12 Multi-voltage charger; contractor bag
Available bare: 2707-20 and 2708-20
Available: Fall 2014