Door Dollies. Now there are other tools I use as a production door hanger, but they don't exactly fit inside my door bench. For carrying and moving heavy doors, I use a unit like Denpo Products' A/W-3. These heavy duty door dollies are real life savers. The A/W-3's wheels have a positive mechanical brake, so you can use it just like a door stand. Once a door is ready to hang, I can wheel even the heaviest 8-foot monster with only one hand; then I only have to lift half the weight of the door to raise it into the jamb. I've even planed a door or two while it's sitting on edge and braced in the dolly. They're also handy for moving sheet goods around the site.

Spirit Levels. For setting jambs, I prefer levels that are not adjustable but that have vials that are set permanently and precisely at the factory. I've had enough problems with adjustable levels that were off slightly, and in this business, level ?I mean dead-on level ?is a must. I set hundreds of steel jambs for pre-fit doors, often weeks before the doors are installed. On those jobs, a good set of levels spells the difference between a profitable day ?one where all the doors fit perfectly in the jambs ?and a wash out.

I've found that even the newest member on my crew needs to have levels that are sized for the most common openings. Sliding a short level back and forth across a wide or tall jamb just doesn't work because the slightest bow or belly can trick even a journeyman carpenter into believing something that's not true. I have a complete set of Stabila levels, from a torpedo up to their latest Plate-to-Plate models, including an extended Jamber Set with 32-, 59-, and 66-inch levels.

Gary Katz is a finish carpenter and writer in Reseda, Calif., and demonstrates techniques at Hanley-Wood's JLCLive! and The Remodelers' Show.

Sources of Supply

Bosch Power Tools
1677M 7-1/4-inch worm drive saw
1613AEVSK plunge router
Adjustable hinge template 83038
1030VSR drill
1194AVSR corded drill

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Lock-boring jig

Denpo Products
A/W-3 door dolly

DeWalt Industrial Tool
DW989K-2 drill/driver

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9924DB 3x24-inch belt sander
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