Not convinced the ladies are cut out to use tools? Well then talk to this one – she's been at it since 1942.

Elinor Otto is a 93-year old assembly worker at the Boeing plant in Long Beach, Calif. She got her start in 1942 as one of the original Rosie the Riveters, women who went to work in defense plants during WWII because most of the country's able-bodied men were in the military.

At the end of the war she was laid off (like most of the other women who worked in defense plants). For a time she worked at other jobs, including office work, which she hated. As soon as the opportunity arose she went back to building planes, working for Ryan Aeronautical, Douglas, McDonald Douglas, and now Boeing.

When I first heard about Elinor I was prepared to feel sorry for her working so long past normal retirement age. But having seen her in the video below and read about her in an article from the LA Times I kind of envy her for getting to spend 70 years doing something she enjoys and is good at.

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