Most compressors are shaped like food – hotdogs, pancakes, and the like - this one is shaped like a very particular box.

It's the SysMaster SYM 150-8-6 WXOF mobile compressor. The compressor is housed in a modular tool box known as a Systainer. The housing has the same footprint as a regular Systainer but is about 1/2 inch taller than a SYS 4 model.

The hinged lid is secured with a T-lok latch and can be raised to access the mechanical parts. The air fitting, on/off switch, gauges, pressure control and drain can be accessed through openings in the front of the box. The cord is removable and can be stored for transport under the lid.

This machine is produced by a German company called Schneider Druckluft (Schneider Airsystems). It was introduced in Europe late last year and is not sold in North America. But maybe it or something like it may someday be sold here. After all Schneider is owned by TTS Tool Systems, which also owns Festool – so it's not like they don't have a foothold here.