Every now and then inventors will call and ask if I’d like to review proto–types of tools that they hope to produce and sell. I usually tell them the magazine doesn’t review products that are not in production because readers complain when they see something they like and then find out they can’t buy it. Well, this isn’t the magazine, the inventor didn’t contact me, and this isn’t a review.

I stumbled across this video of the KwickGripper Nail–Puller on the web and thought it looked interesting. It’s not the only nail–puller that uses prying force to grasp the fastener (Crescent’s #56 impact nail puller has been around forever) but it’s the first I have seen that can grip the nail near the surface, pull it part way out, and then reset close to the surface for another pull.

A few notes on this tool:

– I haven’t used it or seen it in person. I watched the video – that’s it.
– In a discussion that took place on the LinkedIn website, inventor Ben Eby (of the EB Tool Company) said the KwickGripper Nail Puller is about to go into production. Whether or not it does or becomes widely distributed is anyone’s guess.
– For those of you who cannot get enough of this stuff, here’s a link to the patent. A pair of drawings from the patent application are posted below the video.

October 02, 2012


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October 03, 2012

I need this bitch!!! In fact, I need several.

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October 03, 2012

I heard from a fellow who was having trouble signing in to comment and here's what he had to say: Yes, this may be a great tool but until I find and use one, I will continue to use my favorite nail puller (up to a 12d or so), namely tile nippers. Grip the nail close to the wood, roll the nippers, re-grip and repeat. And they make long nippers which work really well. Thanks, Jim Stacey

Posted By: David Frane | Time: 3:44:40.433 PM