Hold on to your air hoses! Cadex has a new Italian-made compressor that is housed inside a Systainer. It will be available February 2017. As I am a carpenter who specializes in commercial/institutional millwork, this is a must-have tool for me because air-powered tools will always have a place in my work. I work with rolling carts and rolling systainer systems on the jobsite every day. I quite often use vacuum clamps, air nozzles, all size pin and stapler guns. At an extremely low noise of only 68db, I will easily be able to take this compressor into any working medical center, complete my punch list, and hear no complaints from customers about noise.

This Italian-made compressor (Model # SYS/3-COMP) is stowed in a SYS/3 and has a duty cycle of 60%, where most compressors are 40%. It is a 1-horsepower unit with a maximum pressure of 139 psi; it kicks on at 110psi. The SYS/3-COMP delivers a healthy 1.9 CFM at 90 PSI. This is enough to run two finish nailers or one larger tool like a 16-gauge nailer or angle brad nailer. It weighs only 29 pounds.

The MSRP on this “compressor in a box” will be $569.
Cadex will also offer a larger model, which will be available in Spring 2017. The SYS/4-COMP will offer double the CFM and an MSRP of $699.