Jesse De Geest’s, aka the Samurai Carpenter, “FTF” (Free Tip Friday) deals with nail gun blowout when hanging trim. He’s toned down his shtick quite a bit, which is a welcomed change. Still, with his own brazen humor intact, Samurai has some very insightful and useful advice. This video isn’t any different. He knows his stuff, and you’ll see from the video below (and many others on his site) that he’s a very talented carpenter/woodworker. He’s even gone so far as to make his own customized work vest out of leather.

In the video below, De Geest shares two hard-earned tips concerning nail blowouts—particularly around door and window jambs, where they can be most problematic. His first tip concerns how to avoid getting a blowout to begin with and his second tip illustrates what to do with the nail once it blows out.

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