Milwaukee 2740-20
Comments: The Milwaukee has one of the larger bodies in the battery-powered category. The extra bulk created a gun that felt unbalanced. The grip made up for the unbalanced feel and was very comfortable. This gun has the poorest line of sight, making accurate nail placement extremely difficult. The belt-hook location is awkward. A tall front housing makes tight-workspace nailing difficult. According to Milwaukee, it will fire 1,200 nails per charge on a 2.0-Ah battery. This gun never jammed or misfired during testing; it does have tool-less jam clearing. There is no delay between trigger pull and firing, allowing for quick and efficient firing speed. The hard plastic tip mars wood. As with all Milwaukee tools, it feels very durable and well-built. This nailer has some recoil, so it takes getting used to in order to fully sink nails.

PROS: fires quickly; substantially built for durability; on/off switch; bump or sequential modes
CONS: has poor line of sight; the tip is difficult to compress at various angles

Nail size: 5/8 in. to 2 1/8 in.
Dry-fire lockout: Yes
Magazine capacity: 110 brads
LED: Yes
Weight: 6.1 lb.
Warranty: 5 yr. (tool) 2 yr. (battery)
Cost: $350 (kit includes one 2.0-Ah M18 Compact battery, M18/M12 multi-voltage charger, tool bag)