Senco 6E0001N
Comments: The Senco felt somewhat unbalanced, but it also offered a very comfortable grip when being fired with a straight wrist. A tall front housing makes it difficult to use in tight workspaces. The large head also blocks a direct line of sight, so accurate nail placement is difficult. It will only stand on its battery and relies on the nail magazine as a sort of kickstand. According to Senco, it will fire up to
700 nails per charge on a 1.5-Ah battery. This gun never jammed or misfired during testing; it does have tool-less jam clearing. There is no delay between trigger pull and firing. The tip marred wood more than others. It also had a strong rebound, which we found took time to get used to. The included battery has a built-in gauge. The on-off switch also controls bump to sequential modes. Depth-of-drive setting was easiest to use and to monitor of all guns tested.

PROS: instant firing for fast, repeatable shots; bump mode; belt-hook location
CONS: tip not as robust as other models tested; heavy, awkward size and balance; has strong rebound

Nail size: 5/8 in. to 2 1/8 in.
Dry-fire lockout: Yes
Magazine capacity: 110 brads
LED: Yes
Weight: 6 lb.
Warranty: 2 year
Cost: $300 (includes tool, one battery, and tool bag)

Mike Triller and his partner Bruce Cranston are finish carpenters living in Saratoga Springs, NY.