Following brandmate DeWalt’s lead--who developed an effective battery-powered cordless framing nailer a few years back--Bostitch has its own version coming out in the second quarter of 2016 for fans of the brand’s signature nail style. The GF28WW shoots 28-degree wire-weld collated nails that are popular among builders in the Northeast. Like the second generation DeWalt framer, this Bostitch nailer is powered by a flywheel and has two power / speed settings to allow you to save battery power and reduce recoil when shooting smaller nails. One of the nicest features is that it will fit Bostich or DeWalt’s 20-volt max battery packs. This is a rare instance where one brand of tool will fit another brand’s battery and is a welcome change from requiring different batteries for every brand of tool you run. I wish more families of tool brands would allow this friendly cross-compatibility between their brands.