Nailer-driven Screws

Get the speed of a nailer and the holding power of screws with NailScrews new fasteners.

Square-drive fasteners look like other screws but can be driven like nails with a pneumatic tool or ordinary hammer, then backed out or re-tightened when necessary. Available loose for hand-nailing or collated in plastic strips, sheet coils, and wire coils for use with most types of pneumatic guns. They come in several gauges, lengths, and colors as well as a proprietary PT2000 coating for ACQ and other types of treated lumber, according to the manufacturer. Universal Fastener Outsourcing.

Wireless Layout

Trimble's new wireless LM80 Layout Manager delivers real-time, two-way data transfer between jobsite and office. Digital blueprints sent to the field unit help guide layout and document actual conditions. Design changes can be made immediately available onsite. Price: Contact distributor. 800-874 6253.