If you watch enough Westerns, sooner or later you'll see a horse race a locomotive – because this horse is supposedly so fast, other horses are not enough competition. It felt a little like that at last year's World of Concrete tradeshow, where every company ran its newest electric breaker against previous models from the competition – every company except Hilti, which ran their TE-3000 against a 60-pound jackhammer. To be even close to pneumatic power with an electric tool is pretty impressive. They did it again this year and I shot a short video so you can judge for yourself whether one or the other seems more powerful.

Of course Hilti was not the only company showing electric breakers; Bosch had the new Brute Turbo, an upgraded version of the Brute that came out in 2010. It's easy to tell the two apart; the old Brute is yellow and the new one is blue. According to its maker, the Brute Turbo has 30% more power than the current model and was designed to compete with the TE-3000 – which they admit, the old Brute could not. Here's a short video of the new Brute Turbo in action. It's impossible to tell from looking how it would fare against the Hilti. I hope to see that horse race at a future show.