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  • Flaking the Cord

    What does sailmaker know about best practices for coiling extension cords? A heck of a lot more than you’d expect.

  • Saw-blade Inspired Bottle Opener

    It looks like a weapon, and it could probably be used as one, but it is much more innocent in functionality than it first appears.

  • A Toolbox Made for Tech Gear

    Keeping cords, batteries, and a laptop or tablet organized among all of the other tools can be tricky. This bag considers it all, including the weather.

  • A Homemade 12-inch Jointer

    Using a few parts from an old portable planer, woodworker/engineer Matthias Wandel created what might be the most portable 12-in. jointer in the world.

  • Stout, Portable Folding Saw Horses

    In this video, contributing editor David Frane takes a closer look at DeWalt’s DWST11155 folding sawhorses. Best feature: their portability.

  • A Close Look at Two Chalk Lines

    Framer and JLC contributing editor Tim Uhler put two Milwaukee chalk lines through the paces and weather while framing in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s what he and his crew found.

  • DeWalt 20V MAX XR Compact Drill/Driver

    18-volt compacts are evolving into a practical category for builders and remodelers; Here’s a look at DeWalt’s 20V MAX XR.

  • A Cordless Area Light and Charger From DeWalt

    Here’s a first look video of an area light that DeWalt will be releasing this fall. Be forewarned: it’s bright!

  • Kill the Wood for a Better Joint

    In this video you’ll learn two quick and easy tips for better-fitting joints, guaranteed to significantly decrease the amount of cursing.

  • Sharpen Knives and Chisels Fast

    Here’s how to maintain a sharp edge with two wheels, a bench grinder and a minute of your time. NOTE: if you’re a purist about sharpening your chisels, don’t watch this video.