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  • The Incredible Self-Assembling Table Saw

    A Powermatic 66 picks itself up, dusts itself off, and pulls itself together.

  • Shop on Wheels Toolbox Tour

    The mechanics box in the back of this truck is an example of what can be done if you want to get organized.

  • Seen at JLC Live: The Mosley Infinity Level

    This modular level extends to any length, can be assembled as a square or T-square, and breaks down to fit in a small tool box or bag.

  • Hauling a Mini Excavator

    How do you transport a mini excavator without using a trailer? Why in a minivan, of course.

  • Weather Guard Truck Box and Keyless Access System

    The Quick Draw entry system allows a pickup truck box to be opened with a wireless remote.

  • Interior Prep Done Right

    Experts Scott Burt and Todd Pudvar, offer a video version of their JLC-Live training on finishing interior woodwork.

  • Dewalt Retractable Auto-Load Knife

    Swapping blades on a utility knife can be tedious, and with some models you'll even need a screwdriver. DeWalt’s new Folding Auto-Load Knife makes the process simple and fast.

  • Milwaukee Adjustable Hole Cutter

    Milwaukee's Adjustable Hole Cutter, made for drywall and ceiling tiles, offers tool-free adjustment and dust collection.

  • The Case of the Chappell Universal Square

    With a Chappell square, a carpenter can lay out just about any kind of roof, in either stick-frame or timber-frame construction. Here’s the story behind how timber-framer Steve Chappell devised the idea for the catch-all tool.

  • Bosch REAXX Table Saw

    Scheduled for release in the fall of 2015, the GTS1041A has flesh detection technology, and will protect the operator from injury without damaging the blade.