Other stories by Doug Mahoney

  • Channellock E-Series Long-Nose Pliers

    The pivot point is closer to the jaw end so it takes less force to cut or grab.

  • Wiley X Gravity Safety Sunglasses

    These glasses have a removable flame-resistant foam seal around the lens area that keeps eyes safe from sawdust and other debris.

  • Senco SNS200XP Stapler

    This medium crown stapler fires 16- and 17-gauge 7/16-inch staples from 1 to 2 inches in length.

  • Ridgid Power Inverter

    This one-stop clean-power source stores in the glove box and provides up to 100 watts to items like laptops, tablets, cellphones, and battery chargers.

  • Richelieu TransRoller

    This handling trolley makes it possible to quickly and easily move heavy and awkward objects like sheet goods and I-beams.

  • Muck Chore Cool Boots

    These boots are lined with XpressCool fabric, which absorbs moisture and creates a cooling effect as it dries.

  • Milwaukee M12 Stick Light

    This small LED work light can be placed on a surface, used hand-held, or hung from an adjustable hook.

  • Max 15-Gauge Finish Gun

    The NF665/15 is sleek and slim and weighs just under 4 pounds.

  • Markal Quik Stik Mini

    This small pen can apply a line of quick-drying UV-resistant paint to nearly any surface.

  • Makita 18-Volt Plate Joiner

    The LXJP02 is portable and maneuverable, yet still has the power to do the job.