Other stories by Gary Katz

  • Honor Your Craft

    Master carpenter and educator Gary Katz offers his perspective on being a tradesman,respecting whatever is your craft, and earning the respect you deserve.

  • A Tool Is Born

    We often say the best ideas are born on jobsites by toolhounds looking for a better way. The Big Foot Saw is no exception.

  • Jed Dixon, North Road Workshop, Foster, R.I.

    Look Sharp

  • Site Lines: Great Gadgets

    Like most finish carpenters, I've had my share of countersink bits. In the last 10 years or so, I've grown very fond of one brand of two-piece tapered countersink bits because they cut just the right size and shape of hole for drywall screws. But controlling the exact depth of the countersink so...

  • Steve Phipps, IDMM System, Woodland Hills, Calif.

    If Steve Phipps can't find a tool from his collection to use in building custom cabinets, doors, and windows, he'll make one. When I'm looking for a special radius jamb and entry door or a houseful of bifold windows and doors, or the sweetest hardwood kitchen, Phipps is the guy I turn to first. He...