Other stories by Jesse Wright

  • A Finish Carpenter's Bag of Tricks

    Every tradesperson has favorite hand tools. Here are some of mine

  • Faster Job-Site Joinery

    Here are some tools that can help you make joints more quickly and accurately.

  • Scandinavia's Answer to the Utility Knife

    A work knife is a work knife except when it’s not a utility knife.

  • A Carpenter's Tool Vest

    For the last couple of years I’ve been wearing a Björnkläder Jubilee Carpenter’s Tool Vest.

  • A Finish Carpenter’s Bag of Tricks: Part 2

    Here are 12 more tools I could not live without.

  • A Finish Carpenter's Bag of Tricks: Part 1

    These are not the only tools in my bag; they’re just the ones I like or use the most.

  • Tools Up Close: 16-Gauge Fusion Nailer

    In my work as a finish carpenter, I use a variety of nails: 18-gauge brads for molding and trim, 15-gauge nails for door jambs, and 16-gauge nails for everything else. I prefer to work without hoses, and for the last 10 years have been using 16- and 18-gauge fuel-powered nailers from Paslode. They...

  • Tools Up Close: Benchmark Worktable

    The Benchmark differs from the tables I've used before (usually a door blank on sawhorses) in a couple of important ways: It folds, so it's easier to transport; and it has an open top consisting of a series of cross bars covered with stepped plastic caps. Since the top isn't solid, you can cut on...

  • Repurposing a Lock Mortiser

    Last summer I built a set of craftsman style carriage doors for my house and decided to use mortise and tenon joints. I hadn't made this kind of joint before so I asked my friend, Gary Katz, how to go about cutting the deep mortises. He suggested using a lock mortising machine, a tool designed for...

  • Tools Up Close: Bosch Glide Miter Saw

    For as long as I can remember, miter saws have ridden on rails. This design works very well except for one shortcoming: You need to set up away from the wall because the rails protrude from the back of the machine. Bosch recently introduced a 12-inch dual compound sliding model (GCM12SD) designed...