Other stories by Mark Clement

  • A Promise Kept: Chris Dutra

    Chris Dutra first began working for Bostitch in channel marketing and then in product development before landing in business development. Eventually he moved to a competitor, where he essentially reinvented the entire pneumatics industry. The innovative product and manufacturing strategies he...

  • Driving the Brand: Ken Hefley

    Whether he's working in his woodshop, renovating his house, or riding dirt bikes in the desert, Ken Hefley brings a high-octane blend of craft, passion, and competitiveness to everything he does. His job as Makita USA's senior VP of marketing is no exception. 'I've competed in sports all my life,'...

  • Randall Coe, VP of Marketing, Bosch Power Tools

    If you look beyond Randall Coe's titles at Bosch, first as director of product development and now as vice president of marketing, you'll find a complex, energetic ToolHound. Coe's leadership and rebellious streak have produced paradigm-shifting tools–stuff you use every day–and a business culture...

  • Born To Build: Don Dunkley, Cool, Calif.

    Don Dunkley's ToolHound-ness was cast in Southern California tract framing in the 1970s. Ace framers made more money than doctors, and were driven by the relentless pursuit of production based on minimum tools–and maximum skill. Not even nails were spared.

  • Cordless Impact Drivers

    Manufacturers make big power and speed claims for these little tools so I had to check them out.

  • Battery Battle

    Tool companies have increased cordless tool voltages, broadened their lines, and fine-tuned their efficiencies. Now they're focusing on battery technologies.

  • Cordless Impact Drivers

    My college rugby coach used to encourage the small guys on our squad (me) by saying, 'It doesn't matter how much dog is in the fight. It only matters how much fight is in the dog.' While Coach Ortale's phrase fired me up in my rugby days, it's also an apt description of cordless impact drivers...

  • Ridgid R84040

    When the Ridgid R84040 18-volt adhesive/caulk gun arrived at the office, my crew and I shared the same thought: Just because you can make something doesn't always mean you should. But while that adage applies to many things, our test proved the R84040 isn't one of them. It quickly earned our...

  • Pressure Washers

    A pressure washer is one of those tools you don't really need until you really need it. It's the only way to manage the large amounts of mud that find their way off the site and onto your customers' driveways, sidewalks, and street. It's great for a range of other tasks, too, so it doesn't just...

  • Kristin Beall, Charlie Johnson Builders, Mount Dora, Fla.

    I grew up on the jobsite,' says third-generation builder Kristin Beall of Mount Dora, Fla. 'But after eight years running the company, newer subs still think I'm the homeowner. This is a man's world and guys are still surprised when I tell them how to set trusses.'