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  • First Test: Craftsman Twin Cutter

    Readers have been asking us about dual-blade circular saws, so we decided to put the Craftsman 25574 Twin Cutter Saw to the test. Craftsman came out with its first version of a dual-blade saw early in the last decade, so the technology has been around for a while, but the 25574 model is the latest...

  • Tool Test: 5-inch Random-Orbit Sanders

    The workhorse sander for most tradesmen is the 5-inch-diameter random-orbit sander. Thanks to its ability to hog off stock with a coarse grit disk and leave a smooth, finished surface with a fine grit, this single tool has replaced the old progression of belt sander to half-sheet finish sander for...

  • First Test: Budget Circ Saw

    The latest pro circ saw from Skil (model HD5687) is not one of the company's signature wormdrive tools but a new blade-right sidewinder model. We found it interesting enough to test because of its price (under $100) and the fact that it's Skil's only 7-1/4-inch sidewinder warranted for professional...

  • First Test: Shower-Drain Cutter

    Plumbers typically cut chamfered drain holes in subflooring by eye, using a recip saw held at a shallow angle. The resulting inconsistencies in the roundness of the hole and the chamfered angles can keep the drain from sitting totally flat and centered in the opening, and a generous application of...

  • M.Power Combination 3D Square

    M.Power's Combination 3D Square ($50) is a try square, marking gauge, and saddle square all in one.

  • Milwaukee 11-in-1 Screwdriver With ECX Bit

    Milwaukee's new hand-tool line is growing, with several everyday tools for the electrical and plumbing trades.

  • Bridge City Tools Kerfmaker and CT-17 Dual Angle Block Plane

    Bridge City Tools' KM-1 Kerfmaker is an ingenious little device that accurately figures a table-saw blade's kerf into repeatable cut lengths for lap joints.

  • Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisels and #92 Shoulder Plane

    Stanley is reviving its old Sweetheart branding yet again, this time for a line of bench chisels.

  • Tajima Tool Combination Drywall Rasp

    Tajima Tool's Combination Drywall Rasp ($16) has teeth made of chromed die-cast aluminum.

  • Bostitch 33-001 25-foot Tape Measure

    Bostitch, now the brand for Stanley's heaviest-duty pro hand tools, has introduced a series of new products.