Other stories by Michael Springer

  • Ridgid Tailpiece Extension and Close Quarters Autofeed Cutters

    Ridgid plumbing tools have been a mainstay in the industry for decades, and the company's newest offerings show us what plumbers have been missing until now.

  • Rockler Pock-It Hole Clamp

    Rockler's Pock-It Hole Clamp ($20) is a novel device for aligning and clamping pocket screw joints in 3/4-inch stock up to 3 inches wide.

  • Jevon's Tools 3D Squares Joinery Clamps

    Jevon's Tools 3D Squares ($60) are sold in sets of four to help with clamping casework corners and making joinery square, but they also have other uses.

  • Megapro 15-in-1 Hex Bit Driver

    Megapro won an Editor's Choice award a few years back for its handy 15-in-1 screwdriver.

  • DoorJack Foot Lever

    The DoorJack is a clever foot lever for lifting and rehanging doors up to 240 pounds.

  • TOOLS of the TRADEshow-STAFDA 2009 Edition

    Last week I attended the 33rd annual STAFDA convention and trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Membership includes distributors, retailers, and manufacturers of light construction tools and related products. This show is always interesting for Tools of the Trade because it is where we find the latest...

  • Bessey TSC4.516 Staircase Clamps

    Does the mere thought of your next stair job — all that tightening and loosening by hand of dozens of large clamps — have your carpal tunnel syndrome acting up?

  • Crown Heritage EasAlign Handrail Joiner

    Joining stair handrail sections requires painstaking fitting and fastening, but the EasAlign system by Crown Heritage can make the job easier.

  • M.Power Flat Lying Trammel Heads

    M.Power's Flat Lying Trammel Heads have a pivoting point for fine adjustment and come with pencil and knife attachments.

  • Bosch GTL3 Layout Laser

    Part of Bosch's new laser line, the GTL3 layout laser projects 90- and 45-degree lines on a floor or wall.