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  • Cutting Edge: New DOT Rule May Boost Prices

    New regulations now being proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation would severely restrict the way lithium-ion batteries and equipment containing them are transported, packaged, and labeled – a move that could cost power-tool-users and manufacturers millions of dollars in add-on fees...

  • Truckin' Around: Three Pickups Make Top 2009 Sales List

    Last year might have been one of the worst in automotive history, but that didn't prevent a trio of U.S. truck manufacturers from scoring top overall automotive sales figures for their best-selling pickups. And although the annual sales list perennially includes the Ford F-150 pickup – the world's...

  • Truckin' Around: Dodge Ram 1500 Hybrid in the Works

    In January, just days before the big North American International Auto Show in Detroit, when automakers reveal their hottest vehicle introductions and innovations for the year, Dodge Trucks announced that a gas-electric hybrid version of its recently re-engineered Ram 1500 pickup was in development...

  • Ideas That Work: Burt Weinstein

    Tradesmen are problem-solvers. We all have 'Aha!' moments – those instants of clarity and understanding when you see the solution to your problem, right in front of you. Burt Weinstein has made a career of such moments. The big difference between him and the rest of us is that he patents his...

  • Truckin' Around

    New Heavy-Duty Dodge Rams / What's That Beater Worth?

  • Truck Report 2010

    To say 2009 was a tough year for auto-makers would be something of an understatement. But you could also say it was a very good year for truck buyers who managed to stay in the market. When the construction industry went into a skid, prices for pickups and other work vehicles plummeted, and nearly...

  • Hot Finds: Fein Power Tools Two-Stage HEPA Vacuum

    The wet/dry vacs in Fein Power Tools' Turbo line are designed with 0.3-micron Tier-II HEPA filters to comply with the new RRP rule, says the maker.

  • Hot Finds: Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

    Dustless Technologies offers a wet/dry vac with a dedicated HEPA filter (model 16006) to meet the requirements of the new EPA lead rule, says the manufacturer.

  • Truckin' Around: Ford to Build Own Truck Engines

    Readers may recall that when Ford Motor Co. retooled its Super Duty line of big F-Series pickups in 2007, it also fell into a contract dispute with International Truck and Engine, the outsource manufacturer for Ford's much-touted new 6.4-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel engines. International...

  • Launch Time 2009

    With the economy poised for a comeback in 2010, toolmakers are just now rolling out their latest innovations to meet the anticipated demand. Every year at this time, the