Other stories by Mike Morris

  • Truckin' Around: New Ram Pickups

    The automotive media recently got a peek at the re-engineered Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks, scheduled to roll out in September as 2009 model-year vehicles. Two words sum up this top-to-bottom redesign: vehicle envy.

  • July/August 2008 Hot Finds

    Cleaning paint rollers, trays, and brushes often isn't worth the time or trouble, but throwaway tools are an expense that adds up. Shur-Line's new Teflon-coated roller covers, trays, and brushes for latex and oil paints and stains come clean so easily that even dried paint peels off without residue...

  • Supplying Green Builders

    GreenSpot, a tool, hardware, lumber, and building supplies dealer in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, Colo., wants to be all green to all builders.

  • Toolmakers Face 'Difficult' Year

    The ongoing slump in housing credit and sales is affecting every sector of the home building industry, including manufacturers of tools and other products used in construction.

  • How Green Is Your Truck?

    Here's something to add to your list of sustainable practices: When your old pickup finally wears out, it's almost 100% recyclable.

  • Stretch Pickups

    Since the dawn of crew cab pickups, manufacturers have created ever larger, more luxurious passenger compartments. Now an aftermarket upfitter has topped them all with its own 6-door, 9-passenger custom stretch pickup trucks.

  • Transit Connect from Ford

    The Ford Motor Co. finally has taken the wraps off the Transit Connect, its much-anticipated import tradesman/delivery van. The carlike van, built in Turkey and sold throughout Europe as a commercial vehicle, will be marketed here as a more compact, economical alternative to the manufacturer's...

  • Import Scaffold Planks Fail Tests

    A product advisory has been issued, warning that non-APA-certified laminated veneer lumber scaffold planks imported from China failed to meet design specifications embossed on the products.

  • May/June Hot Finds

    The FLIR 15 professional-grade thermal imaging camera uses an advanced infrared detector to quickly scan large areas to reveal energy leakage, missing insulation, radiant tubing embedded in floors, and anywhere heat is present. The tool is lightweight, compact, and easy to operate, and its 2.8-inch...

  • Finally–Tool Test Standards!

    After years of repeated pleas by industry experts–including the editors of this magazine–major tool manufacturers have approved voluntary test standards for measuring torque and horsepower.