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  • Hall of Fame 2002

    Welcome to

  • Dead Stop

    Steve Gass is out to change the tool world in a big way. The Portland, Ore., inventor is a woodworker and patent attorney who holds a Ph.D. in physics. His new safety device for table saws could mean the difference between a Band-Aid and an amputation. You've got to see Gass's SawStop in action to...

  • Huddle Up!

    Construction is a team sport that demands training, practice, discipline, coordination, and a clear game plan.

  • Tools Without Borders

    Tracking the landscape of the tool industry is sort of like mapping Europe since the Cold War ended.

  • Hall of Fame 2005

    Marshall Burns may be one of the last bridges still spanning the historic past and boundless future of the tool industry. Certainly few people have witnessed firsthand the changes in tools and technology that he's seen in his lifetime. And even fewer have taken part in shaping that change.

  • Be 'Sub' Conscious

    In an industry faced with labor-force challenges, quality-control issues, pinched margins, and tight time lines, anyone who wants to succeed with and grow their construction business must always be on the lookout for ways to improve all aspects of its services.

  • Arbortech AS160 Brick & Mortar Saw

    Every once in a while the steady flow of innovation we see almost daily in our coverage of power tools goes into overdrive with a truly unique technology we've never seen before. When we caught a glimpse of the new Arbortech AS160 saw for brick and mortar, with its patented orbital blade system, we...

  • My Next Life

    I know what I want to be when I come back in my next life (assuming I've earned one)–a contractor. 'Why on Earth would you want to come back as something you have already been?' you might ask. Excellent question–very perceptive. Well, to be honest, contracting wasn't at the top of my list until a...

  • Tom Stall and Ed Sutt, Bostitch, East Greenwich, R.I.

    Step into Bostitch's nail research lab with Ed Sutt and Tom Stall and you'd think you were on the set of CSI. Immaculate countertops are loaded with high-tech testing equipment. Colored screens of micro-spectro-photo-whatchamacallits cast a glow on rows of beakers. But rather than solving...

  • Lost & (Someday) Found

    I was encouraged recently by news that researchers had found a 700,000-year-old tool in England earlier this year. Seems like Flint-man put down his sharp rock somewhere only to lose it during the Ice Age.