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  • Clever Home-Made Work Tables

    These stupid-simple nesting workbenches could be better—but only a little.

  • A Home-Made Tool Vest

    This one-of-a-kind leather vest suits its owner’s particular needs and will probably last a lifetime.

  • Old-Time Welding

    Could be your grandma or grandpa saw this vocational film, learned to weld, and went on to build the ships and equipment used to win WWII.

  • Cutting a Keyed Japanese Scarf Joint

    The highest praise for any joinery: “it looks like the pieces grew there”.

  • The Incredible Self-Assembling Table Saw

    A Powermatic 66 picks itself up, dusts itself off, and pulls itself together.

  • Shop on Wheels Toolbox Tour

    The mechanics box in the back of this truck is an example of what can be done if you want to get organized.

  • Hauling a Mini Excavator

    How do you transport a mini excavator without using a trailer? Why in a minivan, of course.

  • Bosch REAXX Table Saw

    Scheduled for release in the fall of 2015, the GTS1041A has flesh detection technology, and will protect the operator from injury without damaging the blade.

  • Festool Conturo Edge Bander

    Capable of handling straight and curved pieces, this portable edge bander produces the same quality work as giant industrial machines.

  • Bosch Takes Aim at SawStop

    The REAXX portable table saw reacts when flesh touches the spinning blade, pulling it below the below the table before it can do any damage. And it does it without destroying the blade.