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  • A Homemade 12-inch Jointer

    Using a few parts from an old portable planer, woodworker/engineer Matthias Wandel created what might be the most portable 12-in. jointer in the world.

  • Stout, Portable Folding Saw Horses

    In this video, contributing editor David Frane takes a closer look at DeWalt’s DWST11155 folding sawhorses. Best feature: their portability.

  • A Cordless Area Light and Charger From DeWalt

    Here’s a first look video of an area light that DeWalt will be releasing this fall. Be forewarned: it’s bright!

  • Kill the Wood for a Better Joint

    In this video you’ll learn two quick and easy tips for better-fitting joints, guaranteed to significantly decrease the amount of cursing.

  • Sharpen Knives and Chisels Fast

    Here’s how to maintain a sharp edge with two wheels, a bench grinder and a minute of your time. NOTE: if you’re a purist about sharpening your chisels, don’t watch this video.

  • Simple, Super Cool Workshop Organization

    DeWalt came up with a way to organize and store your ToughSystem boxes in the workshop so you don’t have to keep them stacked on top of each other.

  • A Jobsite Light Destined for Space?

    Milwaukee has a new stand light called the rocket that’s more robust and feature-packed than their previously released model. We give it a first look in this video.

  • Avoid a Mouthful of Teeth From Your Table Saw

    Few tools are as dangerous, and few tools garner more opinions on proper technique. In this video a master woodworker shares his tips for a safe cut.

  • Graco ToughTek S340e Portable Stucco Pump

    Apply stucco, EIFS, WRBs, and more all around the house with the unit's 20-gallon hopper

  • A World’s First Table Saw

    It’s smaller and weighs less than most portable table saws, and it comes without one key power tool element that you won’t miss.