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  • Hall of Fame 2002

    Welcome to

  • Dead Stop

    Steve Gass is out to change the tool world in a big way. The Portland, Ore., inventor is a woodworker and patent attorney who holds a Ph.D. in physics. His new safety device for table saws could mean the difference between a Band-Aid and an amputation. You've got to see Gass's SawStop in action to...

  • Hall of Fame 2003

    Honoring the people behind the tools that changed our lives.

  • Battery Battle

    Tool companies have increased cordless tool voltages, broadened their lines, and fine-tuned their efficiencies. Now they're focusing on battery technologies.

  • Hall of Fame 2004

    Honoring the People Behind the Tools

  • Hall of Fame 2005

    Marshall Burns may be one of the last bridges still spanning the historic past and boundless future of the tool industry. Certainly few people have witnessed firsthand the changes in tools and technology that he's seen in his lifetime. And even fewer have taken part in shaping that change.

  • Simpson Strong-Tie Installation Pocket Guide

    Structural connector engineer and manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie is adding to its extensive training library with a quick-reference pocket installation guide. This detail-oriented, bilingual pictorial booklet provides a quick visual reference on how to install many of the company's products. It...

  • Window Installation Training

    CertainTeed Corp. has redesigned its Window Master Craftsman installation and education program to accommodate the different installation practices of contractors across the country. The online course and test provide comprehensive window and patio door installation detail customized for five...

  • New Power Standard

    If you read Tools on a regular basis, you know that for years we've been pushing the tool industry to establish performance-based testing and reporting standards that would provide tool buyers with a consistent means of comparing manufacturers' performance claims. While this hope is still a speck...