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  • New Festool Saw May Be Recalled

    Reports of unspecified problems with the plunge mechanism of Festool's new tracksaw may lead to a recall.

  • Material Prices Up in 2013

    According to two recent studies by the NAHB building materials have gone up 5% since the beginning of the year.

  • Only Rich Old Geezers Drive Pickups

    Affluent older folks are affecting how trucks are designed and what it costs you to buy one.

  • ITW: Who Owns What?

    What does a Paslode nailer have in common with a Miller welder and a Tapcon fastener?

  • How to Make a Large Table Saw Sled

    This four-minute video by Frank Howarth shows how to make a nice cross-cutting sled for your table saw.

  • Amazing Home-Made Wooden Scroll Saw

    Miki Ono is a hundred times more talented than Yoko Ono. How do I know? Because I have heard Yoko sing and have seen Miki’s home-made wooden scroll saw.

  • Ladder Safety Apps

    NIOSH recently released free ladder safety applications for Android and Apple phones.

  • E15: In Your Truck Maybe, In Your OPE Not!

    The Supreme Court rejected a challenge by the petroleum industry to block the sale of E15 fuel. As a result, people who drive older vehicles or use outdoor power equipment such as portable generators and gas powered compressors will soon have to pay more attention at the pump.

  • Attention OSH Shoppers!

    Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) recently declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Lowes came in with an offer.

  • No, it’s not your eyes

    From the department of boring corporate news: Stanley does something for only the third time in 170 years.