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  • Battling Concrete Dust

    In the battle against dust on the jobsite, the enemy is silica—airborne crystalline silica dust, that is. Rules are likely coming, but some toolmakers already have answers.

  • DeWalt Adds a Deep Cut Cordless Bandsaw to its 20V MAX XR Line

    This new bandsaw from DeWalt combines the cutting capacity of a corded version with the mobility of a cordless one.

  • Choosing a Diamond Blade

    >We cover everything from understanding how they're made to knowing how things like aggregate size affects blade wear in this buying guide.

  • Choosing Tough Tech

    In the world of cellphone marketing, “durable” sometimes just means a device that can survive a beach party. But a few companies have gotten wise to the real-world demands of people who work for a living.

  • Rust-Resistant Compressor

    Multiquip’s DIS185SSI4F 185-cubic-feet-per-minute compressor is equipped with several useful features, including a lockable toolbox.

  • WerkMaster Floor Leveling Machine

    The WerkMaster comes in several size and power configurations for knocking down the high spots on concrete slabs.

  • Atlas Copco Twin-Handled Power Screed

    The BV30’s interchangeable blades, lightweight aluminum body and rigid screed blade provide maximum versatility, easy handling and stability.

  • Makita's Portable, Pressurized Water Tank

    Here's a water tank from Makita that comes with a pressure indicator, quick connect and is designed to interface with concrete-cutting machinery.

  • Lino Sella World’s Cement Mixer In a Box

    Lino Sella World’s latest version of cement mixers come disassembled and packaged in a cardboard box for compact storage.

  • Husqvarna’s Remote-Controlled Floor Grinder

    Husqvarna’s PG 820 RC offers some great features, powerful performance, and outstanding ergonomics.