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  • Money For Nothin'

    I remember the winter of 1985–too well. My crew and I were working on a frigid remodeling job, five layers deep in turtleneck, flannel, vest, sweatshirt, and parka, every breath freezing in my beard. And the only song on the boombox seemed to be Dire Strait's 'Money For Nothing.' You know, the one...

  • Under the Umbrella

    Watching the tool industry consolidate under larger and larger umbrellas is a fascinating process, and one that we track closely. It is a topic that comes up in almost every meeting I have with tool industry execs from companies large and small. I've said many times that the tool industry is one of...

  • Tool Doctor

    Put together a group of tool repair experts who've spent half their lives fixing tools, and you'll have a bunch of old-timer's?and one young buck. At age 26, Adan Aceves has already spent more than half his life in front of a repair bench, starting as a 12-year old in the family business his father...

  • Toolhouse Drive

    I had the coolest dream this week, and I share it knowing somebody somewhere is likely to send the looney wagon to my office, but...I was driving down the typical auto alley found in most cities, the road lined with truck and auto dealerships for Ford, GMC, Dodge, Subaru, Toyota and all the...

  • Talkin' Tools

    As hard as it might be to imagine, when I'm not testing tools, writing about tools, reading about tools, or seeing how tools are made, I seem to be talking about them–all the time. I'm not complaining. I love talkin' tools, which I guess you'd expect from the editor of a magazine called Tools of...

  • 0607- Editor's Note: Talkin' Tools

  • Pure Tools

    We've learned a lot over the past 12 years of publishing Tools of the Trade, but the three most important lessons our editorial team acts on every day are...

  • Wynn Win Situation

    Portable workstation perfect for trim carpenter.

  • The Envelope, Please

    It's time for our annual Editors' Choice Awards.

  • The World's Best Tool Store

    You know the place; you walk through the door and feel like you've entered The Promised Land.