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  • Beg, Borrow, but Don't Steal

    It's hard for me to understand why people steal our tools, but every day I hear another story about somebody who was ripped off.

  • Born to Build

    As a kid I knew every construction site within reach of my beat-up bike.

  • Huddle Up!

    Construction is a team sport that demands training, practice, discipline, coordination, and a clear game plan.

  • Tools Without Borders

    Tracking the landscape of the tool industry is sort of like mapping Europe since the Cold War ended.

  • Be 'Sub' Conscious

    In an industry faced with labor-force challenges, quality-control issues, pinched margins, and tight time lines, anyone who wants to succeed with and grow their construction business must always be on the lookout for ways to improve all aspects of its services.

  • My Next Life

    I know what I want to be when I come back in my next life (assuming I've earned one)–a contractor. 'Why on Earth would you want to come back as something you have already been?' you might ask. Excellent question–very perceptive. Well, to be honest, contracting wasn't at the top of my list until a...

  • Lost & (Someday) Found

    I was encouraged recently by news that researchers had found a 700,000-year-old tool in England earlier this year. Seems like Flint-man put down his sharp rock somewhere only to lose it during the Ice Age.

  • Lost in Transition

    One of the toughest transitions facing any trade-based business owner is knowing when to let go ... of your tools. It's an awkward moment for sure because so much self-perception and personal identification, ingrained over years of hard work and jobsite camaraderie, are wrapped up in the simple act...

  • Take Time for Research

    With all the important things you have to manage growing your contracting company, taking time to keep up with new products, tools, and equipment can easily seem like a luxury. And with changes coming so fast CNN would have trouble covering them, it's no wonder you might fall behind on your...

  • A Fair Shake

    I know the days of doing business on a handshake are long gone, and I understand the reasons why. Even in my own good old days as a contractor, I knew enough to get everything in writing. But even the tightest 'ironclad' contract needed to be backed-up by a handshake. And after growing up with a...