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  • Four Over-the-Top Shops

    Here are four of the most remarkable shops I saw this year on YouTube. Screen shots cannot do them justice, so be sure to view them online.

  • Quick Folding Chop-Saw Stand

    I hate it when I go to a job site and see some carpenter trying to cut a long molding while his $800 miter saw is balanced on a piece of drywall set on a plastic trash can. For one thing it's dangerous. I like a continuous wooden table that's long enough for me to safely trim the end of a...

  • Putting Young Tradespeople to the Test

    Every June thousands of students from high school and college vo-tech programs travel to Kansas City, Mo., to compete in the SkillsUSA championships. Most compete in a single trade such as cabinetmaking, sheet-metal work, or welding, but some participate in the multi-trade TeamWorks event.

  • A Shovel for Every Purpose

    Stonehill College may be the only school where the graduating seniors adopt a class shovel. The tradition came about because the Easton, Mass., institution is home to what's commonly called 'the shovel museum,' a collection of more than 750 shovels – some dating back to the 18th century – made by...

  • A Full Day's Work in One Hour

    Ray Robinson, Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 winner

  • Hand-Tool Heaven

    In the hill country west of Belfast, Maine, lies the village of Liberty, where for the past 40 years H.G. 'Skip' Brack has been selling vintage tools. His store, Liberty Tool Co., is in a three-story building that in earlier times served as a rooming house, general store, and dance hall.

  • History In Hand

    Peter Liebhold must have a million tools. As the curator of the Division of Work and Industry at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., he weaves them into stories that illuminate our growth as a country.

  • Hackman Retires

    Lee Breton has been asked to do some crazy things in his career at Lenox Industrial Tools, and he's done them all. But now, after 48 years with the company, he's hanging up his tool pouch – and leaving a hole in the tool industry that will never be filled.

  • Ideas That Work: Burt Weinstein

    Tradesmen are problem-solvers. We all have 'Aha!' moments – those instants of clarity and understanding when you see the solution to your problem, right in front of you. Burt Weinstein has made a career of such moments. The big difference between him and the rest of us is that he patents his...

  • A Promise Kept: Chris Dutra

    Chris Dutra first began working for Bostitch in channel marketing and then in product development before landing in business development. Eventually he moved to a competitor, where he essentially reinvented the entire pneumatics industry. The innovative product and manufacturing strategies he...