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  • Mark Orwig and Dennis Smith

    Necessity is the mother of invention–and tool hounds. Say you've got to cut curves into some huge oak timbers that weigh 400 lbs. apiece. Your bandsaw is out–or is it? Not if you're Mark Orwig and Dennis Smith. The two master carpenters loaded their bandsaw onto a dolly and moved the saw–not the...

  • Tim Landry and Dwight Sherman

    You think you've got a lot of tools? The three super-size Berland's House of Tools near Chicago, where Dwight Sherman and Tim Landry run the show, each boast 30,000 square feet of tool space, housing 30,000 SKUs of tools from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. They should really be called Berland's...

  • Ed Williams

    Ed Williams is a one-of-a-kind carpenter who does one-of-a-kind work in one-of-a-kind houses near Dallas. His business, the Great American Carpentry Co., is a full-dress cabinet shop and 24-man custom trim crew. But his real job description–other than payroll conduit–is problem solver.

  • Harry Bryan, Wooden Boat Builder

    People think I don't use power tools,' said my friend Harry Bryan, a wooden boat builder and designer I was visiting on the coast of New Brunswick, Canada. Maybe that's because his shop is unusual: It's off the grid.

  • Hans Nebel

    It's not what Hans Nebel does with his tools that's important. It's what the tools do for him.

  • Shariar Ghalam, Residential Remodeler

    Shariar Ghalam's father knew his dream for his son to become a musician was long gone when he discovered the boy had taken the strings off his violin to make a crane. It wasn't too much of a surprise. Ghalam kept his parents on their toes by disassembling his toys and revamping them, and later as a...

  • David Marcelli and Barney

    Seek.' That's the only command mold investigator David Marcelli of Westminster, Md., has to give his two best inspectors to set them off in search of mold. That's right, his best searchers are dogs.

  • Jed Dixon, North Road Workshop, Foster, R.I.

    Look Sharp

  • Dream Team 2

  • Tom Stall and Ed Sutt, Bostitch, East Greenwich, R.I.

    Step into Bostitch's nail research lab with Ed Sutt and Tom Stall and you'd think you were on the set of CSI. Immaculate countertops are loaded with high-tech testing equipment. Colored screens of micro-spectro-photo-whatchamacallits cast a glow on rows of beakers. But rather than solving...