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  • Stanley Sells the Delta Brand

    Delta Power Equipment Corporation, will be based in Anderson, South Carolina – which is home to the U.S. branch of Techtronic Industries (TTI). The connection goes beyond a shared geography; Delta will be led by former TTI executives Bryan Whiffen (President) and Norm MacDonald (Vice President)...

  • Tool Test: Six-Inch Jointers

    Jointers are the go-to tools for straightening and squaring lumber, and standard-length 6-inch-wide capacity models are a great choice for most carpentry and trim uses in the shop and on the job site. These 46-inch bed machines are the entry-level size for stationary jointers and, as the smallest...

  • Launch Time 2010: Delta Machinery Laser Drill Press

    The 18-inch Laser Drill Press (18-900L) has a 16-speed (170-3,000 rpm) heavy-duty 3/4-hp motor and an adjustable twin laser that projects a bright red crosshair at the point of bit contact.

  • 2009 Editors' Choice: Delta Unisaw

    For years woodworkers everywhere have looked to the Delta Unisaw as the standard-bearer for stationary table saws, with good reason.

  • Delta 17-959L and Powermatic 2800 Drill Presses

    The first drill press I ever used was 40 years ago in my grandfather's workshop, and the ones I've used since, during my 22 years as a woodworker, haven't changed much. Woodworkers have always struggled with basic machines designed for metalworking.

  • Launch Time: Delta Unisaw Table Saw

    No table saw is better known than the Delta Unisaw. Now, this shop standard has been re-engineered and redesigned, according to the manufacturer.

  • Launch Time: Capital Safety Delta Vest Hi-vis Harnesses

    New Delta Vest Hi-vis Harnesses from Capital Safety address two major safety concerns: fall protection and worker visibility.

  • Portable Thickness Planers

    Whether you are setting up a woodworking shop or just need to dimension trim on a jobsite, a thickness planer is one of the first tools you should buy. Planers come in many sizes, however; the 24-inch width model we use in our shop weighs close to 700 pounds–not a real portable tool. Smaller 12- to...

  • Hall of Fame 2001

    I'll bet you've never heard of Jerome Schnettler or Edward Ristow before. I'll bet just as much that you'd be a little lost without their best-known invention on your jobsite.

  • Contractor Table Saws