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  • Diablo Demo Demon Carbide Tip Recip Blades

    These blades are great for cutting abrasive material but perhaps not the best choice for clean nail embedded wood.

  • Diablo and Trex Team Up With Decking Saw Blades

    A blade manufacturer and composite decking producer team up to create a blade designed specifically for cutting composite materials.

  • Diablo Demo Demon Reciprocating Saw Blades

    Reciprocating saw blades aren’t known for their longevity. Diablo is looking to change that perception with its Demo Demon carbide-tipped reciprocating saw blades.

  • Hot New Tools for 2013

    Toolmakers strut their stuff at STAFDA

  • Tool Test: Demo-Blade Showdown

    We pushed 18 recip-saw blades to their limits to determine their ability to cut quickly and resist wear.

  • Launch Time 2010: Diable Demo Demon Circular Saw Blades

    New Diablo Demo Demon 7-1/4-inch circular-saw blades are designed to provide superior cutting ability and durability for both routine and extreme construction tasks, including demolition, siding and subfloor removal, and framing, says the maker.

  • Diablo Demo Demon Circ-Saw Blade

    According to Diablo, the new Demo Demon 7 1/4-inch circ-saw blade lasts longer in nail-infested and other challenging materials.

  • Diablo Drill Mixers

    Using a drill for heavy mixing is hard on the tool and on your wrists. A dedicated mixer makes the job easier.

  • First Test: Diablo Hand-Held Mixers

    Tile contractors spend a lot of time standing over a 5-gallon bucket mixing various setting materials, and most just use a 1/2-inch drill for the job. That's not an ideal approach, because the tool isn't purpose-built for the application. Always on the lookout for something better, we found the...

  • Launch Time: Freud Diablo Mixers

    Mixing materials on the job by hand or with a power drill is a time-wasting chore.